Would You Feel Good with a Replica Watch?

Would You Feel Good with a Replica Watch?

In this day and age, everything you seem to want comes with a hefty price. And most items we buy today is made with cheaper materials. It makes it easier for people to throughout and replace it with a newer one of equally cheap quality. So is buying two better than buying one that is better made? Would this reasoning apply with a replica watch?

It depends…

For a luxury watch, it can make a tremendous difference in price. But in the end, how does it make you feel?

With a replica watch, although it might look good on the outside, it can affect you on the inside.

When you want to look good, you also want to feel good. And nothing beats authenticity, not in materials nor in the way it can be built. A true connoisseur will always want the real deal.

Here I’m just talking about fashion of course and not buying a luxury watch for an investment. This is completely different.

Most of the time its really difficult to discern if a luxury watch is indeed a fake one. And even jewelers need their microscope to verify them. This is also difficult for you as a buyer. You may overpay for a fake luxury watch and not really know what you are paying for.

Does that mean fake is out? Only for some people, it doesn’t seem to matter. They are happy with the particular look no matter how cheap it is. It’s ok.

For me, though I believe it’s a no-no. I love authentic materials and I would prefer to wait and save a little longer and buy a real luxury watch. It’s all about the knowing that is deep inside of you. No one can take it away from you.

What kind of buyer are you? Would you settle for a replica watch?