All About Women’s Rose Gold Watches

All About Women’s Rose Gold Watches

Pretty Like a Rose Petal, Rose Gold is The New Love.

Known to be “soft and feminine”, women’s rose gold watches look discreet on women. The fashion world loves nothing more than exclusivity, making rose gold watches that much more desirable. These watches will appeal to the romantic women, and yet look nontraditional with a vintage charm. Also, women who desire a more personal custom jewelry will find that rose gold is a great alternative to yellow gold.

Women’s Rose Gold Watches – Interesting Facts on Rose Gold

So where does rose gold come from? Rose gold is part of the family called “Colored Gold” where many colors can be produced. Pure 100% gold is slightly reddish yellow in color and at 24 karats, is very soft.  When silver and copper alloys are present, it gives a range of colorful gold. Depending on the amount of alloy present in different proportions, it will produce white, whitish, pale greenish yellow, yellowish, yellow, reddish, and copper red colors.

Pink gold uses the least copper, followed by rose gold, with red gold having the highest copper content. For example, 18K Rose gold has the following alloys: 75% gold, 22.25% copper, 2.75% silver.

Compared to 18K Pink gold: 75% gold, 20% copper, 5% silver; and 18K Red gold: 75% gold, 25% copper.

Because of the alloys present, all colored golds are less than 24 karats, with the common being 18 karats.  Also, all Swiss watch cases are made with a minimum of 18 karat gold. These alloys are necessary to make any gold durable to withstand wear.

Colored Gold Chart - Rose Gold

For more interesting facts on rose or pink gold, you can follow it with this chart found on Wikipedia!


The Origin of Rose Gold Watches

Rose gold, also known as pink gold and red gold, is traced back to the beginning of the nineteenth century in Russian jewelry. Around 1880 Girard-Perregaux might have been the first to come up with a three gold bridges pocket watch masterpiece in pink gold, now a Girard-Perregaux classic in wristwatch size.

While standard yellow gold was favored by the watch industry for decades, the past ten years have seen a change from being then white gold to today’s rose gold being the most popular.

Women's Rose Gold Watches

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