CARTIER Ladies Watches for Sale

Cartier Ladies Watches for Sale: 

Everyone likes getting more for their money. Even when buying luxury items that you can afford, you are happy when you see a discounted price. Now, you probably don’t believe you can get authentic Cartier ladies watches for sale! But I’ve found a few trusted sites if you are looking to buy an authentic luxury watch.

It can be difficult to compare prices on various products out there but for exclusive watches, it can be relatively easy. You want to make sure you are dealing with authentic timepieces, though.

Luxury watches that are 100% authentic, original and brand new, will have their factory reference and serial numbers intact. These exclusive watches will also include their original documents and be shipped in its original box.
Cartier Ladies Watches for Sale

Trusted Sites to Check Out:

Dexclusive – is the leading online retailer of watches, jewelry, and sunglasses.

Based on their market research, they have the most aggressive pricing on the web on a wide range of brand name products.

For their Cartier ladies watches for sale they offer:

• 100% authentic timepieces- guaranteed
• 2-year warranty with every purchase
• Limited time FREE shipping on all domestic (Continental US) orders, (otherwise over $100)
• 30 day return policy
• International shipping
• Excellent service with over 10,000 positive feedbacks – is a family owned business since 1979 and dedicated to offering high-quality watches at unbeatable prices.

Strictly specializing in Swiss timepieces, they are capable of offering even more competitive prices. All watches sold by have their original manufacturer serial numbers intact. Also, all watches are guaranteed to be original & authentic and come with a certificate of authenticity.
• 100% authentic timepieces- guaranteed
• match, or exceed the length of warranty to the amount provided by the manufacturer who produced the watch. Often times, they offer an extra year of warranty in comparison to that of the manufacturers.
• Complimentary bracelet sizing is offered at the time of purchase on all timepieces. Please provide them a wrist size while placing your order.
• All instock items will ship in one business day. All watch purchases over $500 (before sales tax) receive FREE overnight shipping. International shipping available.
• 30 day return policy on unworned watches. No restocking fees (below $5000.00; over that price, will incur a 4%-6% fee on the original purchase amount).

Price Match Guarantee – prior to placing order

 Amazon Exclusive Watches such as Cartier

All watches sold on Amazon comes with a guarantee. Because Amazon has different distributors, the manufacture’s warranty isn’t always available. If that is the case, then customers will receive a 2-year Amazon warranty, provided by Asurion, LLC.

Be aware when buying Cartier watches on Amazon…

You’ll find great prices and they are the real deal with all brand new Cartier packaging, etc…. but Amazon is not an authorized dealer.

This means that you will not get the certificate of authenticity that comes with your watch like you would at an authorized jeweler.  In case you need servicing at Cartier, this may be an issue for they might not touch it. But you can always go to a Swiss Watch jeweler. So maybe it’s worth to pay a little more, it’s up to you to decide.


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